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Butterfly Lacing: The Solution to Heel Slippage

Xtenex Laces

There are so many different factors that go into finding the right shoe. You might worry about the fit, the style, and the color. Have your ever found what you thought was the perfect shoe just to learn that your heel slipped out slightly? You can be in the correct size shoe and still experience heel slippage – a  frustrating… Read more »


I have become a master at the art of excuse-making. For years I’ve been fine tuning my repertoire of “I’m out of shapes,” perfecting “My knee’s been acting up,” and polishing “If I have time” whenever I’m confronted with doing a race. Recently, however, through some unprovoked change of heart, I’ve retired from my old… Read more »

How to Fit A Pair of Tights

GH Women's Ariel Tight

Most people, especially men, usually attempt to put on a pair of tights in the same way they would put on a pair of regular trousers; they simply step into them and forcibly pull them on in one fell swoop. As a result, a lot of the fabric remains anchored around the calves and ankles…. Read more »

GH Sports’ Gait Analysis – finding a running or walking shoe that fits you best

Where do you start when it comes to buying running or walking shoes? Should you just decide based off the brand or color of a shoe? There is a lot more that goes into finding the right walking or running shoe than it may seem. That’s why at GH Sports we provide free gait analyses… Read more »

6 Facts About Barefoot Running & Injury Prevention

The history of running is a long one, with thousands of champions and too many records broken to even count. Champions like Zola Budd, the former female world record holder in the 5,000 meter and Tegla Loroupe, the two time winner of the prestigious New York Marathon, are often remembered before many of their peers;… Read more »