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If you have yet to try Pro-Tec Orbs (a more intense and targeted version of the traditional foam rolling technique), it’s time you give them a go. The phrase “no pain, no gain” does come to mind when using the Pro-Tec Orbs, but in the best way possible. Here’s a little more about the orbs and how they compare with the still very useful foam rollers.



3″ Pro-Tec Spiky Massage Ball


5″ Pro-Tec Orb Massage Ball


4.5″ Pro-Tec Orb Extreme

When To Use It: Whenever I need a more intense, aggressive massage for really tight or sore muscles, I use one of the orb massagers.

What It’s Great For: I find the Pro-Tec massage orbs are great for targeting specific areas in my hamstrings, calves, IT band, and quadriceps. The orb shape allows me to roll and move in any direction and target tight spots.

The massaging orbs really give the feel of a deep tissue massage. What’s nice is the massaging orbs come in different sizes to help concentrate on larger or smaller areas and different densities for increased massage intensity. Check out the full range of options on our website.


When To Use It: If you are looking for something relaxing and less intensive, the foam roller is the way to go.

What It’s Great For: Pro-Tec foam rollers are mainly focused on increasing flexibility and relieving tight muscles in regions like the lower back and hamstring. Similar to the massage orbs, the foam rollers are used by lowering the weight of targeted areas of your body onto the roller, and then slowly and deliberately rolling along the muscle.

Some techniques and positions can be found below, and more information can be found on the Pro-Tec website. 

-Kevin Jervis, GH Team Member & Cal Poly Triathlete

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