Amphipod Endurance Plus Pouch

Amphipod Endurance Plus Pouch

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AMPHIPOD ENDURANCE PLUS POUCH: Heres a great way to carry your essentials with ease when you’re on-the-go! Check out the Amphipod Endurance Plus Pouch, an awesome storage pouch that easily attaches to any 1.5; to 2; belt or pack strap. You’ll keep your essential stowed and secure thanks to the zippered closure, and you’ll get plenty of breath-ability from the AirFlow Mesh; back panel. Plus, it’ll be easy to keep your gel/nutrition, keys, phones, ID, etc. organized with the duel internal compartment on the Amphipod Endurance Plus Pouch.

• 4 outer gel slots for quick access nutrition
• Separated dual internal compartment for Gel/nutrition, keys, phones, ID, etc.
• Secure zipper closure with spring lock gripper
• Fully vented AirFlow™ mesh back panel
• Attaches to any 1.5″ to 2″ belt / pack strap
• Holds iPhone 6 Plus and phablets
• Pouch size: 6.5″ x 3.5″

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