Elete CitriLyte Hydration Drops - 8.3 oz


Elete CitriLyte Hydration Drops – 8.3 oz


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A pure electrolyte concentrate but with a light, tart flavor. elete CitriLyte contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride plus zinc, an essential trace element, and citric acid, which participates in the Krebs cycle (as a pathway involved in energy conversion.)

  • When mixed, elete CitriLyte adds a light, tart flavor in water—almost as if you’ve added a lemon wedge to your water
  • Designed to be more palatable for more concentrated mixes (i.e., when a stronger dose of electrolytes is desired) or if used in less-than-perfect tap water
  • Ideal for those individuals sensitive to mineral flavor
  • Easier to mix when dosing electrolytes without precise measurements (e.g., drops, squirting, etc.)
  • Contains original elete Electrolyte Add-In but with the benefits of zinc and citric acid
  • No calories, carbs, artificial ingredients (colors, flavors, preservatives)
  • Easy clean up in hydration packs and bottles; will not stain or leave a residue


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