Paradise Road Soap Co. Poison Oak Soap

Paradise Road Soap Co. Poison Oak Soap

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All natural No dyes or perfumes High quality full lather bar soap Contains Mugwort, a natural antidote Stops the itch and controls the rash Biodegradable Directions for use: Wash with soap in cool or warm water as soon as possible after exposure. Use caution around eyes and sensitive areas as this is a natural product and may contain plant stems. Use as often as necessary. By using product immediately after exposure you may eliminate the need for further treatments.

These natural ingredients remove the plant’s urushiols from your skin and stop the rash in it’s tracks. Mugwort has long been used as an antidote to Poison Oak, Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac. Keep a bar of Poison Oak and Ivy Soap in your car or backpack and in your shower to provide the first line of defense against the effects of Poison Oak and Ivy.

A Message from Paradise Road Soap Co.

“We Have a New Look!

Don’t worry, it’s the same great formula that has been trusted for years just now without any added whiteners. As we strive to be the most clean and natural product that we can be we have omitted the whiteners that are used purely for cosmetic reasons. Our Poison Oak & Ivy Soap is otherwise exactly the same as you have been using just without an unnecessary ingredient.”