TYR Z-200 Stopwatch

TYR Z-200 Stopwatch

$50.00Return & Exchange Guarantee


Take your swim training to the next level with the TYR Z-200 Stopwatch.

Packed with advanced timing options for performance monitoring, the Z-200 provides 60 dual split automatic memory, as well a stroke frequency counter and entry/exit timing configurations. A rapid memory review allows for easy retrieval of data, while water and shock resistant construction ensure lasting durability. Ideal for both training and racing, the Z-200 Stopwatch includes a variety of calendar display options, as well as an adjustable neck lanyard with classic TYR logo.

  • Take Your Swim Training-to-The-Next-Level
  • Advanced Timing Options for Performance Monitoring
  • 60 Dual Split Automatic Memory
  • Ideal for Both Training & Racing
  • User Replaceable CR2032 Battery

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