Month: October 2014

New Women’s Freedom Pant: Fresh Off the Cutting Table & Customer Story

GH Women's Freedom Pant

Just this past week our new women’s loose fit Freedom Pant hit the retail floor. Not long after they were off our designer’s cutting table, a customer came in and snagged two pair. We were thrilled to hear of her excitement over the new pant and happy to celebrate the 30 pounds she has lost from her active… Read more »

Life Health Suggestions

This article was written by a longtime friend and loyal customer of GH, Jackie Kreitzer. Jackie is an internationally accomplished opera singer and voice professor at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.  Ms. Kreitzer strikes a healthy pose This is a basic guide. I am NOT a health care professional, but over all my years… Read more »

People not with standing

By Dan Hruby, Executive Sports Editor, San Jose Mercury News, March 4, 1979 Winston Churchill . . . Stood tall AMERICANS are soft and getting softer. The wildly intensifying craze of running is proof of it. In truth, it is contributing to it. Once again, people are taking the easy way out. If this country… Read more »