Month: March 2015

Good Shoes and The Good Burn

GH Women's Freedom Pant

by Kurt Sjoberg, GH Team Member & Cal Poly Student There are two kinds of hurting when it comes to running. First, there’s the good burn. This burn lets you know you’re working hard, that you’re making progress towards your goals. This burn is what most of us run for.  Are runners masochistic? Probably a… Read more »

Meeting the Demand for the HIND Sport Tights – the First Sport Tight in history.

Celebrating the Sport Tight’s 35th year anniversary this year, we sat down with Ron Supat, a talented engineer who worked for HIND Performance for 10 years and continues to work closely with GH Sports. During his time at HIND, Ron was the Plant Manager and Chief Industrial Engineer. In his story below, he shares his… Read more »

Hydrate, fuel, and replenish to stay FLUID!

When it comes to sustaining a workout, staying strong during an endurance race, and finding the best recovery drink, there’s no better option than Fluid. Fluid is a sports nutrition company that started as a research project at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo and is now flourishing as one of the most well-known… Read more »