Month: August 2014

Healing Through Exercise – Kay Heaton Inspires Many to Keep Moving

 In a quaint neighborhood just outside of downtown San Luis Obispo, California, Aqua Therapist Kay Heaton is improving lives in her aqua therapy pool. Using her 40 years of education, expertise, and real-life experience in kinesiology, aqua integration, and water dance, Kay operates the only training center in the world to offer gyrokinesis in the water. At her renowned aquatic therapy… Read more »

Customers Making It Happen! Sara Finishes Strong at Her Second Sprint Triathlon

Sara Finishes Strong at Her Second Sprint Triathlon Sara Mechelle Vieira, one of our dedicated, loyal customers, was in San Luis Obispo recently and popped by GH Sports to prepare for her upcoming triathlon, the Republican Tiger Tri, held in her resident state of Missouri. Here’s her update: “I completed the Republic Tiger Tri in Republic, MO… Read more »

Meet the GH Team: Kurt Sjoberg

MEET KURT Hometown: Cottonwood, California College: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Major: Biomedical Engineering Joined GH Sports: June 2014 THE INSIDE SCOOP Why the interest in Biomedical Engineering? I really enjoy biology, have always had a mechanical aptitude, and like to create things. What types of things have you engineered? I’ve done a few… Read more »

Lycra vs. Polyester Swimsuits

A piece of chocolate cake. Its perfection beckons you, but you hesitate since you’ve played this game before. You savor the first few rich bites, and then you realize it’s fading fast. Bite by bite, the more you try to make it last the faster it’s gone. This is a vivid metaphor of a swimmer’s relationship… Read more »

Compy Goggles, and remembering Greg Hind

We regularly get new customers finding us via our original Hind compy goggles (now called the Water Gear Competition / compy goggles). Here is one story from a long-time loyal customer. IX. Of goggles, and remembering Greg Hind an article written by The Siljan Diary (Marathon Swimming in a Swedish Lake) I  discovered Hind goggles in 1981 when  I… Read more »