Meet the GH Team: Kurt Sjoberg

kurt-on-bikeMEET KURT

Hometown: Cottonwood, California

College: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Joined GH Sports: June 2014

Why the interest in Biomedical Engineering?
I really enjoy biology, have always had a mechanical aptitude, and like to create things.

What types of things have you engineered?
I’ve done a few design projects recently. During my freshman year at Cal Poly, I created a carbon monoxide sensor for anesthesia machines. Last year (my junior year), a group of us began modeling a drug delivery system for treating people affected by diseases, such as malaria, in third world countries. We’ll be working on building a prototype this next year.

You talk often about your community involvement. Where specifically have you focused your efforts?
I love volunteering. In high school, we had 4 or 5 events every year where we would create food boxes during the holiday season and collect donations to support those who needed it. Now at Cal Poly, I’m a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Through the fraternity we support the Military Heroes Campaign nationally and locally we have been able to work with groups like Growing Grounds Farm, American Heart Association, and SLO Food Bank.

Where did you grow up and what did you grow up doing?
In my hometown of Cottonwood, California (a small town in northern California), I spent a lot of time outdoors because there isn’t much else to do there. That’s a big reason why I decided to move to San Luis Obispo for college. I enjoy being outdoors and 300 days of sunshine a year make that type of lifestyle pretty easy here.

What have been your favorite outdoor activities in SLO?
Hiking and cycling. Right now my favorite hiking spots are the Cuesta Ridge and Montana De Oro. For bike rides I enjoy Prefumo Canyon Road; there is nothing like riding up to the top of Prefumo and seeing everything in San Luis Obispo from one point.

What inspired you to work at GH Sports?
I’m on the Cal Poly triathlon and cycling teams and was a coach on the tri team last year. I have really enjoyed helping people get into the sport. I have also been able to mentor a few friends on the cycling team as they were first getting started, and I really enjoyed that process. I get to do that a lot here at GH Sports since we cater to cyclists and triathletes.

Where do your interests in cycling and triathlons stem from?
Through middle school and into high school I swam competitively and biked a bit on the side. I broke into triathlons my freshman year of high school with a local race, The Tinman. Once in college, I decided to sign up for the triathlon team, which led me to later join the Cal Poly cycling team.

Both of these sports are completely reliant on each individual (how much you train, how much work you put into it, etc.). How you perform is directly related to how much you practice. You can’t rely on talent to pull you through when you are on mile 50 of a ride and you can’t rely on being naturally gifted; it’s about putting in the miles and putting in the time. You improve proportionally to how much time you put in. That’s what I like.

What have you enjoyed most at GH thus far?
I really like helping people get ready for their triathlons. Giving our customers direction and helping them have the best experience possible are what I’ve enjoyed most.

You’re competitive. What do you hope to achieve over the next year?
Our Cal Poly cycling team competes against every major school in California and Nevada. There are 10 race weekends during the winter and spring quarters. In 2013, I got top 5 for my division in cycling. This next year I want to get on the podium (that’s top 3) at the conference championship.

You’ll find Kurt on our retail store floor, in front of the camera demonstrating GH products, and at local races.

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