Month: October 2015

New Aqua Vest – from the GH Aqua Line

GH Women's Aqua Vest

by Tobin Villalva, GH Sports Team Member I always describe GH Sports as a “triathlon-specialty store” to anyone who hasn’t been to our retail store.  “Specialty” means we carry products you aren’t going to find at normal sporting good stores. What types of products exactly? Our new GH Aqua Vest is a perfect example of… Read more »

Aqua Apparel

An active duty navy wife for 23 years, Carole Barrish raised a family of three children alongside her husband Paul Barrish, Captain USN Retired. Having moved more than 20 times throughout their career, Carole is no stranger to change and the tenacity needed to make things happen. As fate would have it, Carole (along with a group… Read more »