New Aqua Vest – from the GH Aqua Line

by Tobin Villalva, GH Sports Team Member

I always describe GH Sports as a “triathlon-specialty store” to anyone who hasn’t been to our retail store.  “Specialty” means we carry products you aren’t going to find at normal sporting good stores. What types of products exactly? Our new GH Aqua Vest is a perfect example of a specialty item that we design and manufacture right here in San Luis Obispo. The Aqua Vest is a variation of one of GH Sports’ most popular specialty items, the GH Aqua Thermal. The Aqua Thermal is a garment worn in the pool to keep you warm while performing any kind of aquatic activity.

aqua-vest Fresh off the cutting table! Look for new “action” shots of the Aqua Vest in action coming soon.

The only difference between the Aqua Thermal and the Aqua Vest is that the Vest is sleeveless, allowing more mobility for your arms with the same temperature control for your torso. Both tops offer the following benefits.

  • Keep your core warm during aquatic activities.
  • Thermal chests and backs stop the wind in its tracks.
  • The fabric lasts up to three times as long as a typical lycra suit in a chlorinated pool.
  • Functions well as another layer over your swim suit.
  • Offers additional sun protection.

One of our GH Aqua Vest Product Testers (a member of San Luis Obispo-based Club K Aquatic Center’s aqua aerobics class for 12 years) loves the new spin on our classic Aqua Thermal. She said the fit of the vest was “supportive, comfortable, and easy to get on and off,” which allowed her to focus more on her exercises and less on what she was wearing.

With winter approaching, stop by GH Sports and pick up the new Aqua Vest so you can stop worrying about what you’re wearing and start worrying about what you’re doing. You’ll be warmer, more comfortable, and stylish no matter what aqua activity you are participating in. Available in Women’s style.

~ Tobin
Tobin is a recent graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Masters in Kinesiology. He also attended Cal Poly as an undergraduate and competed for their cross country and track and field team for 4 years. Currently he is working on getting a teaching credential while coaching cross country at Righetti High School and working at GH Sports.

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