GH Apparel:
Proudly Designed & Manufactured In San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

GH Sports began with our first innovation in 1966 and continues today with the same focus on manufacturing all GH fitness apparel in the U.S.A. This gives us control over quality and allows you to prove that the best can still be made in the U.S.

GH combines in one location, every element of the manufacturing process. Every item bearing the GH label has been designed, cut, sewn, quality controlled and tested every step of the way under one roof in the U.S.A. – in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Whether you enjoy leisurely activities or intense fitness, you’ll appreciate the way GH apparel feels, fits, performs, and focuses you on maximizing your potential.

Our Design Team has a unique ability, concern and patience to follow each garment from beginning to end to ensure maximum quality in every GH garment manufactured. Nothing is left to chance. Every stitch and seam is perfectly true!

From design to a finished garment, competitive or casual, GH Sports puts it all together and sells direct to consumers so that you get the value you deserve.

A Focused Approach

We keep a focused approach here in our San Luis Obispo, California facility. It’s the same approach we used in 1966 when developing and patenting the first Water Polo Protective Ear Guard; the same approach when developing the famous Sport Tight, Munich Tight, Compy Goggles and more; and the same approach we continue to use and refine every day.

Select Performance Fabrics

First. Second. Third. Even the fourth fabric proposed may not meet the high standards of quality, structure, and performance we require for our garments. Know that we pioneered the creation of innovative textiles, and our fabric selection team continues to make choices with this same attention-to-detail.

Design for Comfort & Function

No workout goes easily if some part of your outfit isn’t comfortable and functioning properly. If your shorts are creeping – forget it. If your shirt is sticking – that won’t do! The basics to the specifics, we look at every detail. When you wear GH Sports, you’ll think about your workout, not a particular part of your body that’s being bugged.

Put It to the Test

Before any garment is produced in quantity, it is thoroughly tested and scrutinized by our Product Testing Team. Our Design Team then revamps it, over and over again, until the result is of premium quality, excellent fit and solid construction. We put it to the test, so you don’t have to.

Sew it at Home

Even when we were told 100% domestic production couldn’t be done, we pressed on. Producing apparel in our San Luis Obispo, CA facility ensures every garment is subject to quality control and innovation. We sell direct to the end user to keep prices affordable. Always Made in The USA.

Product Testing

Before any garment we produce is put on the shelves of our retail or online stores, it is thoroughly tested and scrutinized by our GH Product Testers and revamped by our designers, sometimes over and over again, until the result is premium quality, excellent fit and solid construction. Since we design and manufacture our own apparel in-house, all feedback received directly impacts the final product.

Apply to be a GH Product Tester

Do you run, cycle, swim, workout, or do triathlons consistently? Are you particular about your fitness apparel’s performance, comfort, and longevity? Are you detail-oriented, have good follow-through, and enjoy providing critical feedback? If this is you, we encourage you to complete the initial application below and we’ll be in touch with you after that.

Those top few invited to be GH Product Testers are sent free garments relevant to their fitness programs. They put our products to the test, analyzing their cut, style, fabric, value, etc. and providing our Design Team with valuable feedback.