History of the Compy Swim Goggle developed in the 70’s

1975 Compy Goggle Patent

GH Sports Founder, Greg Hind, was awarded the patent for the Compy Goggle in 1975 (COMPY GOGGLE, US Patent No. D 237757) for a fourteen year term.  An “injection molded goggle,” it was the largest selling product in HIND Performance’s accessory line and became known internationally for its unique patented design features.

It was described as a low profile, distortion-free goggle that provided a crisp, clear view.  It had no curvature, was unbreakable, had an ingenious hinge-buckle for easy adjustment or replacement of straps.

As described in the HIND 1978 catalog, “Compy gives greatest freedom of peripheral vision obtainable…less than 7% obstruction.  Extended nose piece keeps them on, securely and comfortably.  Available in green, clear, smoke, burgundy, blue and amber.”


Swim goggles existed in the 1920’s but the Compy Goggle gave the swimmer a considerably larger, as well as undistorted, field of vision. It was very unique within the swim goggle options.


A Similar Goggle from Water Gear 

A similar version of the HIND Compy was later produced and distributed by Water Gear and sold under the product name COMPETITION I #20600 until late 2018 when the company temporarily closed its doors.

Many GH Sports customers called us frantic to purchase what stock we had remaining and to find a replacement for the iconic Compy Goggle.

Goggle Relaunched in 2020

Then in August 2020, Water Gear made Compy Fanatics swim happy once again with the re-launch of their COMPETITION I goggle. We could not be more thankful.




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Sara levine

I am so so so sad that this google is not being made any more! I used them as Hind goggles for over 40 years!


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