Month: September 2015

Quest for The “Perfect” Running Shoe – debunking the myths

by Tobin Villalva, GH Sports Team Member I’ve worked at GH Sports for about three and a half years and have helped fit countless people (okay, maybe not countless, but a lot of people) in the right pair of running shoes perfect for them. During the fitting process, customers love to pick my brain about… Read more »

San Jose State reinstates men’s water polo – we’re celebrating in SLO

Our inspiring founder Greg Hind was a three-time All-American water polo player at San Jose State University (SJSU). His SJSU coach, Lee Walton, calls Greg “the best all around player I coached.” We are proud to see men’s water polo reinstated at SJSU and are cheering on the Spartans from San Luis Obispo! Below is… Read more »