Month: December 2014

GH Staff Adventures: Snowshoeing the Mt Whitney Trail

Snowshoeing the Mt Whitney Trail Experienced by and written by Kurt Sjobert, GH Sports Team Member. Every winter I try to break up my regular workout schedule and go do something that’s outside of my normal swimming, biking, and running routine; really anything to help me from getting burnt out throughout the year. This winter… Read more »

12 Gift Ideas for Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers & Triathletes

PRO-TEC Roller Massager

Needing a gift idea for your runner, cyclist, swimmer or triathlete? Have no fear, these 12 practical gift ideas are here! Gifts for Runners Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night can keep runners at bay and inside. Make sure your runner is prepared for every type of weather they may encounter on their… Read more »

It Was A Merry Christmas in 1974

by Dan Hruby, Sports Editor, San Jose Mercury News, December 25, 1974 During his time as a sports editor at the San Jose Mercury News, our friend Dan Hruby wrote a Christmas Poem each year. In honor of celebrating family, friends, and annual traditions, we’re sharing his poem from 1974. —— Christmas is here and… Read more »

25th Anniversary Celebration

1989: Gregory William Hind was named the California and U.S. Region IX Small Business and Businessperson of the Year. It was 25 years ago, in 1989, that the U.S. Small Business Administration awarded our founder, leader, and mentor Gregory William Hind, the California and U.S. Region IX Small Business and Businessperson of the Year. Greg’s vision… Read more »

History of the Compy Swim Goggle developed in the 70’s

GH Sports Founder, Greg Hind, was awarded the patent for the Compy Goggle in 1975 (COMPY GOGGLE, US Patent No. D 237757) for a fourteen year term.  An “injection molded goggle,” it the largest selling product in HIND Performance’s accessory line and became known internationally for its unique patented design features. It was described as a low profile, distortion-free goggle that provided a crisp, clear view.  It… Read more »