12 Gift Ideas for Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers & Triathletes

Needing a gift idea for your runner, cyclist, swimmer or triathlete? Have no fear, these 12 practical gift ideas are here! Gifts for Runners Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night can keep runners at bay and inside. Make sure your runner is prepared for every type of weather they may encounter on their adventures.

5072NB_LightSpur_Black_On-Shoe_NW Shoe light: $20.00
1) Nathan Lightspur – This is a perfect gift for both the giver and receiver. Make sure your runner is safe and seen with this shoe-attachable light. They get seen and you get piece-of-mind!

Feetures-high-performance-light-cushion-low-cut-socks-black-20821_0 Performance socks: $10.00
2) Feetures High Performance Socks – If it’s warm they sweat, if it’s raining they’re wet. Keep their feet dry and blister free with these superior wicking socks.

Magicroller Roller Massager: $28.00
3) Pro-Tec Roller Massager – New and seasoned veterans alike get injuries, but they can prevent them too. Help them out with this popular massage roller. Gifts for Cyclists Road biking, commuting, and mountain biking all have their own perks, but still require some similar products for safety, fun, and warmth.

Nathan L.E.D. Cycling Vest Cycling Vest: $35.00
1) Nathan LED Cycling Vest – Make sure your cyclist is seen with this reflective and LED lighted vest. It’s great for pulling over their favorite jersey for rides or even over their top while riding around town.

leg-warmers Cycling Leg Warmers: $34.00
2) GH Sports Leg Warmers – Protect their knees from the wind and cold with these form-fitting warmers that can be easily removed if it heats up.

FLUID Recovery Drink: $32.00
3) Fluid Recovery – Whether they are finishing a ride or a commute, they can always use a pick me up for energy and muscle recovery. Don’t let its good taste fool you, it’s great for them and their muscles. Gifts for Swimmers Even  swim fanatics can get tired of repetitive laps. The good news is that you can give them the gift of change and excitement to mix up their routine!

Finis-Neptune-mp3-web-image Waterproof MP3: $160.00
1) Finis Neptune– Listen to their favorite music or audio books with this underwater MP3 player.

aquasphere-alphafins-zoom Alpha Training Fins: $38.00
2) Alpha Fins – Strengthen their legs with these super comfy and lightweight floating fins.

TYR-Snorkel TYR Ultra Light Snorkel
3) TYR Swimmers Snorkel– Perfect their stroke while they forget about their breathing with this streamlined center-mount snorkel. Gifts for Triathletes There are necessities and there are luxury accessories in this sport, let’s focus on the must-haves for your triathlete.

Tri-Shorts-1 Triathlon Shorts: $35.00
1) Tri Shorts – They will use these for the swim, bike, and run so they never have to focus on what they are wearing only what they are doing.

gh-race-belt Tri Race Belt: $8.00
2) Race Belt – Don’t let them ruin their top with safety pin holes and deal uncomfortable race numbers, simply clip on the 2 oz belt before the run and they will be worry free.

transition-bag Tri Transition Bag: $90.00
3) 2XU Transition Bag – Triathletes have a lot of items required for each race, luckily there are bags designed to hold everything they need and keep them separated.

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