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Staff Picks: Nutrition Products

Nutrition during and after exercise is crucial to maintaining your body’s health and performance. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite nutrition products here at GH that both our employees and customer love. These products all strive to use clean natural ingredients that promote healthy exercise and recovery.   Hammer Perpetuem – Hammer Perpetuem is a… Read more »

Shakshuka Shakshuka!

Nowadays our lives have become so busy with work, school, or extracurricular activities that we rarely make home-cooked meals. Many people feel that they don’t have the time or energy for this after a long day and hence the concept of the frozen dinner. Just 10 minutes in the microwave and you have yourself a… Read more »

Our Fave Muffins (made with wheat germ – ssssshhhhh)

Thanks to the Connelly Family for sharing these muffins and their amazing recipe with our GH Staff! As an avid athlete and food fanatic, I need as much daily fuel as I can get. Just like everyone, I crave those sugary, tasty treats that are easy to make and even better to eat. On the… Read more »

Hammer Out the Kinks in Your Nutrition!

by Jake Scott, GH Team Member & Cal Poly Student What is Hammer Nutrition? Hammer is a nutrition company that first emerged in 1987.  Brian Frank, owner and founder of Hammer Nutrition, started the business by selling nutritional supplements out of his small apartment in San Francisco. Inspired by the lack of affective sports performance drinks,… Read more »

Hydrate, fuel, and replenish to stay FLUID!

When it comes to sustaining a workout, staying strong during an endurance race, and finding the best recovery drink, there’s no better option than Fluid. Fluid is a sports nutrition company that started as a research project at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo and is now flourishing as one of the most well-known… Read more »

The GH Energizing Juice Smoothie (Dairy Free)

  Although I do have my daily indulgence of organic fair trade Theo Dark Chocolate (I swear that it is good for my body and soul, which is why I am eating a square as I type!), I crave the way my body feels after enjoying a fresh homemade smoothie. I switch up the ingredients… Read more »

Cooking Healthy – nutrition & fuel for your body

In the past few years the endurance nutrition industry has seen a massive increase in companies, products, and flavors. No two people have the same stomach or can handle the exact same flavors or consistencies and companies are starting to see this. These companies are growing their product lines to make room for each person’s… Read more »

EPIC Indeed

Let’s acknowledge the naturally raised, grass-fed elephant in the room: EPIC Bars. Moist, meaty, and maybe appearing a bit eery at first glance – it’s what’s on the inside (and where they’re made – Texas) that counts. Bison Bacon Cranberry Turkey Almond Cranberry Beef Habanero Cherry Lamb Currant Mint The basis for Taylor & Katie (Founders &… Read more »