Hammer Out the Kinks in Your Nutrition!

by Jake Scott, GH Team Member & Cal Poly Student

What is Hammer Nutrition?
Hammer is a nutrition company that first emerged in 1987.  Brian Frank, owner and founder of Hammer Nutrition, started the business by selling nutritional supplements out of his small apartment in San Francisco. Inspired by the lack of affective sports performance drinks, Brian worked hard to create products that would sustain athlete through long workouts and provide adequate recovery.  Today, Hammer Nutrition is well established and one of the most successful companies in sports nutrition.

Hammer has a wide array of products that can suit the needs of many athletes, whether you’re looking for a performance product, a recovery drink, or something in between.

Athletes everywhere search for the perfect nutrition to keep their workouts going. Hammer has come out with a number of products to get the job done.gels

Hammer Gel:  Hammer Gel is an easily digested, concentrated source of complex carbohydrates with four amino acids added to enhance performance and prolong energy levels during intense training and competition. It has a syrup-like consistency that mixes easily with water if so desired. You can drink it straight, dilute it, or use it to flavor other Hammer Nutrition fuels. It works well before, during, or after exercise. Hammer Gel is a tool that can be beneficial in just about every exercise situation.

Hammer Heed:  A good option for athletes who don’t mind carrying a water bottle during their workouts, Heed is a powder that mixes with water to create a mellow and great tasting performance drink.  The complex carbs and electrolytes in the beverage provide steady energy, help prevent muscle cramping, and buffer lactic acid to ensure the consumer gets the most out of his or her workout.  Hammer Heed has won the best of MTBR award five times.

Hammer Perpetuem: Perpetuem provides reliable, long-lasting energy, maximizing fat utilization and helping prevent muscle fatigue.  Like the Heed brew, Perpetuem has also won the best of MTBR award (twice now).  Perpetuem creates the ultimate performance beverage to help sustain longer workouts and ensure you have energy you need all the way through.

To reap the full benefits of exercise, one must have a good post-workout recovery.  Strenuous exercise can be very taxing on the body so it’s crucial to have the right nutrition to maximize the benefits of your workout.  Luckily, Hammer offers several options.

Hammer Recoverite:  Hammer Recoverite is a powder that mixes with water or milk, restoring muscle glycogen, rebuilding muscle tissue, and reducing post-exercise soreness. Just two scoops gives you 170 calories, 32g of carbs, and 10g of protein. Recoverite offers the perfect mix of complex carbs and protein to promote glycogen synthesis and muscle tissue rebuilding.

Hammer Whey:  Hammer Whey fulfills your post-workout protein requirements without any added sugars, fillers, artificial sweeteners, or other questionable ingredients.  Whey maintains and repairs lean muscle tissue, provides superb immune system support, minimizes post-exercise soreness, and is glutamine-fortified to enhance recovery.

Customers of Hammer just keep coming back for more and can always expect a variety of product options for every stage of their workout. Not only do Hammer products provide reliable results, they all are gluten-free and made in the United States.  With so many different products, you’re sure to find one that will best suit your needs.

Here is a quick go-to guide on WHAT Hammer product to use WHEN:
To hammer out the kinks in your nutrition, check out the hammer products we offer online or stop by our store to check out them.

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