Month: June 2016

Week 1: A Meatlover’s Journey towards a Plant-Based Diet

After one week of giving up meat, amazingly, the world has kept turning, and I have been receiving more support than I could have ever imagined. The first day wasn’t so bad.  Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and hummus got me through most of the day.  But by the second day I knew I was going to… Read more »

Enter to win a FREE 2016 SLO Tri Race Registration

The 37th Annual SLO TRI is set for Sunday, July 24th and GH Sports is raffling off a free registration (a $75 value) to one courageous individual. To enter for a chance to win a Free 2016 SLO Tri Race Registration ($75 Value) in the “Show Your Courage” SLO TRI Sweepstakes by GH Sports, FILL IN THE… Read more »

A Meatlover’s Journey to a Plant-Based Diet

Happy with my plate of BBQ Pulled Pork & Chicken Wings. Oh, how I’ll miss you so. I love meat.  I love everything about it from the sizzle of bacon in a frying pan to the aroma that wafts through the house, lingering just long enough to remind me of the great meat-filled meal I… Read more »