Month: May 2015

A Full Guide to the Gait Analysis

Have you ever gone on a run and come back with horrible, aching feet? Chances are, you’re in the wrong shoes! These days, there are so many shoes out there that it’s hard to know which ones are going to be the best ones for YOU. That’s why we here at GH Sports offer a… Read more »

Catching Up With Customers

Ronald is a long time customer of GH Sports and specifically is addicted to the Sport tight. He and his wife live in Michigan and take on the cold weather and their speed walking workouts. They train to compete in races regularly, having done 6 marathons and 40 – 50 races ranging from 5ks to 25ks…. Read more »

Get in the Game with GU

Hand someone a tissue of just about any brand and they’ll probably tell you “thanks for the Kleenex”. Hand someone an energy gel and it’s “thanks for the GU.” Yes, GU was a first mover in the gel industry, bringing the first gel to the shelf in 1992, but that’s not the reason why the… Read more »