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Ronald is a long time customer of GH Sports and specifically is addicted to the Sport tight. He and his wife live in Michigan and take on the cold weather and their speed walking workouts. They train to compete in races regularly, having done 6 marathons and 40 – 50 races ranging from 5ks to 25ks. After Ron was injured in 2001 running the Boston Marathon, he wouldn’t quit. Rather than giving up, he took up speed walking as an alternative (harder than running as he’s discovered). His story is inspiring and his character is pure, thoughtfully taking the time to speak with our staff and share his experience of the New Men’s G3 as we are celebrating 35 years of the Sport Tight this year.

This is his story; one worth reading.


QUESTION: What is your connection to GH Sports and the original Sport Tight?

I have probably 3 or 4 of the original HIND Sport Tights that I purchased way back in the day – 22 years ago. I live in the north (in Michigan) where we have very cold winters. I wanted compression pants that would keep me warm but were light and the HIND Sport Tights did the trick.

QUESTION: What have you used the HIND Sport Tights for?

I consider myself a weekend warrior type athlete. I got began running consistently when my son started doing track and cross country in High School. I was formerly a runner a high school runner as well, so when I saw him enjoying it, I was inspired to get back into it. I picked it back up again as a fun thing and have since ran 6 marathons and a total of 40 to 50 5ks, 10ks, and 25ks.

The last marathon I ran (my 6th and last) was with my son. We did the Boston Marathon in 2001. It was everything we wanted it to be AND MORE. I actually injured myself in that marathon; was told I couldn’t run anymore.

QUESTION: Now that you aren’t able to run, what are you doing to stay active?

After the knee injury, I got a brace and started speed walking. It’s actually very hard; harder than running. I did the Chicago Marathon speed walking and have done quite a few half marathons speed walking.

My wife enjoys it too so we do it together, going out about 5 times per week in the mornings and having a good time. There is a 25K coming up in Grand Rapids Michigan that we are going to do, and we also are signed up for the 2015 Toronto half marathon. It’s fun because we get to travel to these places together. My son usually runs the races while we speed walk them.

QUESTION: What made you reconnect with GH Sports and what do you think of the new G3 Sportight?

Well, my 22-year-old HIND Sport Tights were about worn out so I went online to find a new pair and found GH Sports. I discovered that you are now under a new company name, GH Sports, but still making the same style and quality Sport Tight.

I sent a piece of fabric from the original HIND Sport Tight to see if you were still making that version. Garrett, your General Manager, said that you were no longer producing the tight in that same fabric, but you were still making it in a similar high quality fabric and you were actually coming out with a new generation of the tight – the G3 Sportight. I got a few pairs as soon as they developed.

The G3 functions very well. I wear them during the cold winter season when it’s 2O to 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside. My wife and I have a rule that we do not go out speed walking in anything under 20 degrees!

It is important for me to have a tight that is not slick and shiny because I need my knee brace to go on top of them without slipping and sliding around. Plus, compression pants work nicely with this brace. The G3 works perfectly for this. I do miss the wool content that was in the original Sport Tight, but the G3 is great and is better than anything else on the market.

QUESTION: What makes the G3 the best you can find?

The texture of them and the way they fit so well. They have a good hand (a soft, good feel to them) and are very flexible. And, they are warm. I also really like that they are not real shiny or slippery, so my brace works perfectly – just as I need it to in order to keep speed walking.

About GH Customer Stories: It’s important in life that we all take time to celebrate our successes. So when our customers share how our apparel has played a part in their adventures, their triumphs, their challenges, their stories, we sit back, smile, tip our hats, and enjoy the moment. Life is about enjoying moments and memories, and we’re thrilled to have somehow been a part of Ron’s health, fitness and family story.

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