Staff Picks: Nutrition Products

Nutrition during and after exercise is crucial to maintaining your body’s health and performance. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite nutrition products here at GH that both our employees and customer love. These products all strive to use clean natural ingredients that promote healthy exercise and recovery.  

Hammer Perpetuem

Hammer Perpetuem is a “during exercise” fuel powder made of complex carbs and protein. Perpetuem consists of soy protein, Maltodextrin, and a mix of electrolytes; Providing 270 calories per serving with 7g of protein and 54g of carbs. Mix two scoops of this powder with water, and you have the perfect energy exercise drink for a long bike ride or run. Hammer Perpetuem is an excellent alternative for someone who doesn’t digest solid food well during exercise but still needs calories and protein for endurance. 

Employee Review: “I like to put two scoops of the Strawberry Vanilla flavor into my water before I go for a ride. With Perpetuem, I’m set for over 2 hours on my bike.”  – Sean Moran (GH Team Member)


                                                                           Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews

Honey Stinger Energy chews occupy the space between energy bars and gels as a light “carb-rich'” snack meant to be consumed during a workout. One serving of Energy Chews contains 160 calories with 39g of carbs and 60mg of Vitamin C. Using Glucose, Sucrose, Fructose, and Maltose, Honey Stinger effectively delivers carbohydrates into multiple digestive pathways allowing for a quick energy boost. 

Employee Review: “I use Honey Stinger Energy Chews as a quick snack before I go surfing or as an energy replenishment during cardio circuits. I can’t have anything too heavy during my workouts like an energy bar, so the energy chews are the perfect way to get in calories without upsetting my stomach or affecting my performance. My favorite Chew flavor is Orange Blossom because it’s fresh and doesn’t leave your mouth with any weird after taste.” – Keenan Wells (GH Team Member)



Fluid Recovery

Fluid Recovery is a post-workout drink mix made of whey protein, electrolytes, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Fluid designs their recovery mix to have the right balance of ingredients that help the body “repair” from workouts, such as protein for muscle repair and electrolytes for reduced muscle cramping. Fluid Recovery contains 128 calories per serving with 25g of carbs and 7-10g (depending on flavor) of whey or pea protein. Great for after any strenuous exercise, Fluid Recovery is a solid way to stimulate your body’s natural repair. 

Employee Review: “I usually save Fluid Recovery for after workouts that are 2 hours or longer. I love the cinnamon vanilla flavor (Pea Protein). Often I’ll blend the Recovery powder with a frozen banana and almond milk for a nice shake. The recovery mix is surprisingly filling, so I normally drink it post-workout by itself and have a meal a few hours later” – Kayla Tresser (GH Team Member)


About GH Sports

GH Sports proudly designs, manufactures, and sells running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon apparel in San Luis Obispo, CA and online. Its in-store Nutrition Station is vast, offering everything from powder to bars and chewies to gels and everything in between to provide customers with the fuel they desire.

Formerly HIND Performance, GH Sports apparel is Made in the USA!


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