EPIC Indeed

Let’s acknowledge the naturally raised, grass-fed elephant in the room: EPIC Bars. Moist, meaty, and maybe appearing a bit eery at first glance – it’s what’s on the inside (and where they’re made – Texas) that counts.

BisonBar Bison Bacon Cranberry

TurkeyBar Turkey Almond Cranberry

BeefBar Beef Habanero Cherry

LambBar Lamb Currant Mint

The basis for Taylor & Katie (Founders & Owners) creating EPIC Bars was to create a snack high in animal protein, low in sugar, and with no additives. Highly popular in the running/crossfit/fitness world, this paleo-friendly recovery bar is perfect for active, on-the-go people who desire good, whole nutrition.

EPIC prides itself on using only the best, most natural ingredients on Earth. Their animals are 100% free-range, grass-fed, and humanely treated, just the way nature intended. If you ask the people over at EPIC, which I didn’t but easily learned anyway, they will tell you all about the reduction of land stress and net benefits to the environment that result from the company’s sustainable and responsible practices.

At first I blew EPIC Bars off. There are tons of super health foods that claim to be all-natural; claim to be new and revolutionary; and claim  to give you all your body needs and more. And to be honest, I have never liked a single one – until an epic change happened.

A small chunk of “bison-bacon-cranberry” was pushed in front of me. I made a small chuckle and glared it down, but thankfully, had the stomach and the bravery to try a piece. I instantly realized EPIC had some explaining to do.

How could something look somewhat unappealing yet taste so good? How could I read every ingredient in the bar that was listed in the nutrition label?

The explanation:

  • Grass-fed meat
  • Gluten free
  • Low sugar
  • High in healthy fats and carbs
  • No additive, hormones or nitrates
  • Twice the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which promotes lean muscle strength
  • Tastes amazing

If you have an active lifestyle and prefer to consume something that doesn’t have unpronounceable ingredients like Butylated Hydroxytoluene or Propylene Glycol Alginate, EPIC are the bars for you.

One of a kind, tastefully delicious EPIC Bars: let’s just say you’ve been waiting for them. And their available at GH Sports.

~Kevin Jervis,  GH Sports Team

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