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In Spring 1992, Mike Pigg was recognized in the HIND Workbook as the most consistent triathlete in the world. He was celebrated for establishing himself as the man to beat on the pro circuit. At that time, Mike was the three-time USTS National Champion and a three Grand Prix Series winner.


Michael Jeselnick

I own a HIND sports jacket and was curious as to the HIND organization. I wanted to know where the HIND sports apparel line was. I remember Mike Pigg and his accomplishments of the day. I participated in the MIAMI Coca-Cola triathalon but never participated in others although the SPRINT series interested me. Anyway, it was good to become familiar with the HIND history and the possibility of purchasing the HIND sportswear line. It was rumored that the HIND line had been sold since I hadn’t seen the sportswear in stores.


Hey Michael,
Very cool to hear you have an old Hind jacket and are familiar with the HIND athlete Mike Pigg. Back in the mid 90s we sold off the HIND name to Saucony and started our new company under the name GH Sports (Greg Hind). Since then Saucony has leased the HIND name to different companies and I am actually not sure who is the current owner/leaser of the HIND name. We had attempted to make contact with the leasers a few years back but were unable to get any replies. Sorry I don’t have any additional concrete information but I am glad you found our new company and I am happy to answer any other questions you might have.


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