HINDsight: Development of The Sport Tight – a point in history that changed everything

February’s “HINDsight 2020” – a monthly share where we take a moment to reflect on our history to celebrate and be inspired.

“It was in the early 1980’s when Greg Hind decided to come up with a men’s sport tight. It was a point in history that changed everything.

At that time there was actually no product like a Sport Tight for men or women.

Somehow Greg marketed it, introducing it as something acceptable for men to wear and it worked! He also made a women’s version, which of course women didn’t have a problem with.

This new HIND Sport Tight exploded, and HIND was making as many tights as they possibly could make. I remember the first style had stirrups.”

As shared by Ron Supat and published on the GH Sports blog post here ghsports.com/first-sport-tight

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