Meet the GH Team: Katie Ogden


Hometown: San Diego, California

College: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Major: Business Marketing

Expected Graduation: Winter 2015

Joined GH Sports: January 2014


Where did you grow up and what activities did you do to stay active?
I grew up in San Diego and played soccer since I was 5 years old. In middle school, I started running cross country and track in addition to playing club soccer and on my middle school soccer team. I continued with cross country in high school – as a way to get in better shape for soccer – and ended up making the varsity team. I continued soccer and track & field in high school as well. I later played soccer on the women’s club team at Cal Poly and had the opportunity to travel up and down the California Coast for games and tournaments and even to go to Memphis, Tennessee for Nationals.

What interested you in Cal Poly and your major?
Growing up I loved photography and making videos. When I started exploring career options my Senior year of high school, Business Marketing best fit my interests. I then discovered Cal Poly had an amazing business program and I instantly fell in love with the city when I came up to visit.

You talk often about enjoying the outdoors and being active in the community? What are your favorite ways to do this?
I LOVE going on hikes with friends here in SLO; this city is full of amazing trails!! I try to still kick the ball around with friends or in intramural and I go on a run almost every day.

Do you run, cycle swim or compete in triathlons? Or have goals to do so?
Running is a huge part of my life, but I do occasionally cycle as well (my parents are huge cyclists and that has rubbed off on me). I hope to run in the SLO Half Marathon this year, which will be my first half marathon; maybe one day I’ll work my way up to running a full marathon.

What inspired you to want to work at GH Sports?
Being fit and healthy

What have you enjoyed most at GH thus far?
I love that I’ve become so educated with running shoes and gait analyses. I’ve ran all my life and in many of the shoes we carry, but I had no idea about their features and what differentiated them. It’s awesome understanding the differences and being able to recommend shoes to customers, friends, and family.

I also have gotten a lot of great Marketing experience as well and have been fortunate to learn from and work with Jami (in charge of GH Sports’ PR and Marketing).

You’ll find Katie making early wake up calls to get photos of the beautiful Central Coast sunrise, having fun in the local color runs, managing the voice behind our social media campaigns, and helping customers in store. 

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