Finis Thermal Swim Shirt


Finis Thermal Swim Shirt




The Thermal Swim Shirt provides warmth to swimmers by trapping body heat with its unique BiPoly fabric. Made from a strong, yet lightweight material, the Thermal Swim Shirt conforms to a swimmer’s upper body without restricting range of motion. Used over time, the slight drag effect of the Thermal Swim Shirt will also build endurance and strength. The Nobel Prize-winning Polyolefin fibers provide UVA, UVB and Antibacterial protection, and is chlorine and fade resistant.


Size Height (ft) Height (cm) Weight (lb) Weight (kg)
S (04) 5’2″-5″6″ 157-168 110-130 50-59
M (05) 5’4″-5’9″ 163-175 120-150 54-68
L (06) 5’8″-6′ 173-183 150-180 68-82
XL (07) 6′-6’3″ 183-191 180-200 82-91


Size Age Height Weight
YM (95) 11-14 4’11”-5’3″ 150-160
YL (96) 13-14 5’3″-5’7″ 160-170


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