GH Dura2 Square Leg

GH Dura2 Square Leg

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Long lasting polyester fabric in a classic design with a more conservative fit. Resistant to sun and chlorine with a comfortable stretch fit. Smooth polyester fabric is faster in the water and does not deteriorate like lycra! Also absorbs less water than lycra therefore it dries quicker. A snug supportive fit that can be used as a durable, modest cut practice suit. Double front lined, drawstring, and side seams. Made in the USA.

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  1. GH Sports

    “I always come back to the suits you guys make because they last MUCH longer than other companies swim suits. I had to get a new suit because my drawstrings on my suit snapped after one of my swims. I no longer swim with any other suit besides the fit of the dura 2 square leg, which is very comfortable. It’s a very good suit that never has me worried on if it’s going to be uncomfortable or how long I have till I need another suit. I would highly recommend GH swim suits to other people.

    Thanks for another awesome swim suit!”


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