GH Cycle Knee Warmers

GH Cycle Knee Warmers

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These comfortable knee cycle warmers are made of a Dryline fabric that combines excellent moisture transfer with support, comfort, form fit and great durability. Its covered elastic band at the top of garment keeps knee warmers in place with comfort. Small enough to fit in one or two of your back pockets if the ride warms up. Made in USA. Unisex cut.

  • Design:  Dryline fabric provides warmth and wicking properties to keep the wind off and the heat in for those cold rides.
  • Fit: Made to start high on thigh, right above where your shorts stop, and stay tight below the knee.
  • Function: Stop the wind chill or the stale frost with this thermal layer that breathes.
  • Fabric:  The blend of Polyester and Lycra provides long lasting durability with form fitting stretchiness.
  • Made in the U.S.A:  We have been making these same warmers for over 10 years in our California warehouse.

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