Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Supports


Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Supports




For peak support and foot motion control — relieve nagging heel and arch pain with podiatrist-designed Powerstep Pinnacle Men’s / Women’s Full Length.These medical-grade orthotics, developed by podiatrist Dr. Les Appel, support and control foot movement, adding spring and cushioning to your walk. Regular wear can help eliminate pain and strain on lower body, heels and arches.

Caution: Not intended for individuals with severe foot deformities or those who suffer from circulatory diseases that result in infections or ulcerations on the bottom of the feet.

Features & Benefits of Powerstep Pinnacle Men’s / Women’s Full Length Insoles:
  • Strong, springy, prescription-like supports are calibrated to deliver the highest level of protection to your feet.
  • Unique HyPUR-cel® inner foam delivers life-long cushioning from heel to toe.
  • Soft outer EVA foam adds an additional layer of comfort.
    Special Sanitiz etc.® fabric reduces slippage and heat, keeping your foot drier and healthier.
  • Heel cradle and platform safeguard your heel during landing.
Other Important Features About Powerstep Pinnacle Men’s / Women’s Full Length Insoles:
  • Material Content: polypropylene shell, HyPUR-cel foam, EVA foam, polyester top fabric cover.
  • Made in USA


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