TRISLIDE’s high performance anit-chafe continuous spray skin lubricant gives you the freedom of movement by keeping you comfortable and competitive! With a single press, TRISLIDE sprays on evenly and leaves a silky emollient feel on the skin allowing it to breathe while performing. TRISLIDE prevents chamois chafing found in cycling and irritations on the skin caused by friction. TRISLIDE also eliminates blistering and hot spots on runner’s feet! TRISLIDE is waterproof, which means sweat proof and will stay on the skin for hours! Since it is waterproof, TRISLIDE assists in easy entries into wetsuits and causes wicked fast exits! TRISLIDE is completely safe to use with all fabrics including neoprene, will not stain clothes, and can simply be removed with soap and water. Available in 4 oz. canister.


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