1989 Business Week – No-Sweat Wear for Working Out  

1989 Business Week – No-Sweat Wear for Working Out  

It was 1989, a time when most people threw on any old short or shirt they had in their closet for their workout. This was just the start of the development of performance fibers, fabrics and workout apparel. HIND was at the forefront of it all.

During the week of September 18, 1989, BUSINESS WEEK featured the HIND Drymax Performance Fabric under its “What’s In” article,  No-Sweat Wear for Working Out!

The author, Michele Galen, introduces how “…fitness fanatics are discovering ‘performance fibers’ that give them all the benefits of exertion without the discomfort. The new fibers draw perspiration away from the skin, a process called wicking. The fibers disperse the moisture to the fabric’s surface, where it evaporates. Some of the fibers ‘breath,’ allowing more air to pass through.”

Galen then highlights that, “Hind Performance sells a foul-weather jacket for cycling or cross-country skiing under the name Dryline for $200. The jacket contains, among other fabrics, Hydrofil, a quick-drying absorbent nylon developed in 1987 by Allied Signal.”

The Full Article can be downloaded here and read here >>> business-week


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GH Sports is Formerly HIND Performance and is proud to continue the tradition of manufacturing high-quality run, cycle, swim and fitness apparel in San Luis Obispo, California.

GH Sport’s history can be explored here.

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What happened to Hind athletic wear?! I need some more athletic wear and the other brands don’t cut it…

Garrett Long

Hey Jason,
We were the founders of Hind Performance but sold off the Hind name back in the 90’s. Since then multiple companies have leased the name and we are no longer sure who owns it now. When we sold off the Hind name in the 90’s we started manufacturing similar apparel under our new name GH Sports (GH stands for Greg Hind, the original founder of Hind). Was there a specific Hind product you were looking to replace? If so, I can point you to the most similar product that we are manufacturing which is still under our original philosophy of quality, performance, and durability driven products.


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