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Compy Goggles, and remembering Greg Hind

We regularly get new customers finding us via our original Hind compy goggles (now called the Water Gear Competition / compy goggles). Here is one story from a long-time loyal customer. IX. Of goggles, and remembering Greg Hind an article written by The Siljan Diary (Marathon Swimming in a Swedish Lake) I  discovered Hind goggles in 1981 when  I… Read more »

Improve Your Swimming Technique with The Big 4

GH Latex Swim Cap White

Law of Chaos- “When left unattended, a swimmer will gravitate towards the worst technique possible.” As a swim coach, I teach kids from ages 4 all the way to ages 18 how to swim, and not just how TO swim, but how to swim WELL. I’m with kids who can barely doggie paddle, and young… Read more »