COACHING WITH CARE: Insight from Swim Coach Souder

the-good-stuff When you meet a coach who cares about making an impact, that feels good. That’s Claudia Souder – the Head Coach for Girl’s Swimming at Arroyo Grande High School in Arroyo Grande, California.

It wasn’t until the end of our interview with her that we learned her swim team was the 2016 Pac-8 League Champs (only because we noticed an award above her desk). Yes, she is quietly humble.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.56.17 AM

“My ultimate goal: if I can get kids that enjoy [swimming] at the end of the season..then I know I’ve done my job!”

Thank you Coach Souder for coaching with great care. It’s heart-warming to learn about you as a coach, your commitment to our community, and your long-time connection with GH Sports. We’re proud to outfit your girl’s swim team for their 2017 season.


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