HINDsight: International Women’s Day & The First-Ever Technical Apparel Line Exclusively for Women

March’s “HINDsight 2020” – a monthly share where we take a moment to reflect on our history to celebrate and be inspired.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we remember that in 1991 our founder, Greg Hind, worked with elite female athletes to design and fabricate the first-ever technical apparel line exclusively for women. In 1992, the line was debuted.

From HIND’s 1992 Fall Workbook:

“Serious women athletes have always been an important segment of the HIND user family. This catalog represents our commitment to women’s athletic apparel.

Insightful analyses by elite athletes such as Colleen Cannon and Lynn Hill as well as feedback from a growing number of active HIND women have greatly contributed to the design and fabrication of a collection of garments exclusively for women.

Our goal is to establish a leadership position in women’s wear. The HIND touch will be apparent in the quality, functionality, fit and durability of the garment. In addition, high-tech, ultracomfortable fabrics – many of them exclusive to us – will be offered in designs and color treatments that exhibit classic styling rather than short-lived trendiness.”

One of the women who was a crucial player in the development of HIND’s “Women Only” line was World Class Triathlete Colleen Cannon (pictured running at left).

She played a significant role in testing and perfecting this “DIFFERENT, BUT EQUAL” Apparel Line.

Different meant that women athletes, professional and amateur, wanted features in their apparel that met their needs for comfort, support, fit and yes, style. Our founder and his team listened to what women needed and responded with a custom-line made just for them.

It was about time! And women made that very clear when they “responded to this philosophy by making this line the fastest growing in HIND’s history.”

As our company’s brand evolved into GH Sports, our focus has stayed consistent.  We are  proud to continue with a tradition and focus of ensuring we listen to our customers’ needs and respond with relevant solutions.


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