Fitness Runs In The Family

Fitness runs in the family! Our founder Greg Hind’s sister Leslie celebrates a lifetime of fitness with the below “Falling Off” photo from 1958 and and its tribute photo 2018.

The moment was captured in 1954 when Harry and Diana Hind hired Clarence Maki to take photos of their two children Greg and Leslie surfing in Hawaii to send home at Christmas time. The one of Leslie falling off appeared in four magazines and three books.

At left: As published in the book Surf and Sea 1958 by John M Kelly Jr.: Leslie Hind’s first try on a surfboard, Queen’s, Oahu. This photo won numerous prizes, including first prize, black and white division, Hawaii 50th State Fair; first prize, class B, Honolulu Advertiser Photo Contest; first place, open division 20th Anniversary Photo Contest, U.S. Camera; and honor award, class B, Annual Newspaper National Snapshot Contest.  Photo by Clarence Maki


At left: 60 years later, Leslie Hind in the original swimsuit after an early morning swim at the Dolphin Club San Francisco on 31 october 2018.

Thank you Leslie for your dedication to a lifetime of fitness (and obviously fun!) and inspiring others to do the same.



Betsy Kais

What a great tribute to Leslie and the “famous” surf photo….the Hind’s have truly led a lifetime of fitness!


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