Give A Little – Get a Lot. The Proper Care & Wear of Your Water Polo Suit

When you give your water polo suit a little love and care, you can bet it will give back to you tenfold. Here are our suggestions for giving a little love to your water polo suit.

RINSE IT: Always rinse your suit with cold fresh water after each use then gently squeeze out excess water (avoid pulling and stretching).
DRY IT: Lay your suit flat or hang to dry in a space that is out of direct sun exposure. Do not put your suit in a Swimsuit Spin Dryer as the zipper can catch and tear in the machine.
WASH IT: For extra suit life, use an aqua-wear soap to neutralize harsh pool chemicals that typically break down fabric.


ZIP & LOCK: Once you zip your GH Water Polo Suit up, push the zipper pull down to lock it in place and secure the zipper closed.

FIT IT RIGHT: The GH Sports’ women’s water polo zipper is double sewn for double strength, but you can also enhance the life of your zipper by choosing the right size suit. While the suit should fit snug and taut, if it’s a struggle to pull the zipper closed when putting your suit on, you can bet that the zipper is experiencing extra stress, which can reduce the life of your zipper.

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