H20 Polo by GH – since 1966

Our founder, Greg Hind, had a reputation for doing what others could not – and that is especially true in the world of water polo!

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1966: Invented & Patented Water Polo Protective Headgear
Our innovative and inspirational founder Greg Hind, who was a Gold Medalist in Water Polo in the 1967 Pan American Games and a two time Olympic Alternate in Water Polo (’68 & ’72), started our company in1966 with his invention and patent of the first ever Water Polo Protective Headgear, called the G-H Ear Guard.

At this time, Greg was a young athlete competing in international water polo. This product soon became mandatory equipment still required today and enabled the company to be an Olympic supplier of the product in the 1972, 1976, and 1980 Olympic Games.

1973: Invented the H20 Polo Sticker
Greg Hind invented the design of the original, and now iconic, H2O Polo bumper sticker. It was first produced and sold by our company in 1973 as vinyl “H2O POLO” bumper stickers, appearing in Swimming World Magazine the same year.

1977: Designed Water Polo Suits in San Luis Obispo, CA
Greg Hind developed our company’s first piece of apparel, Water Polo Suits, in 1977. Even when he was told 100% domestic production could not be done, he pressed on. Producing apparel in our San Luis Obispo, CA facility ensures every garment is subject to quality control and innovation.

Our GH WP-Endur Men’s and Women’s water polo suits are still worn by high school, collegiate, and masters teams as well as individuals who purchase our suit from our San Luis Obispo retail or online stores.

Boy’s Water Polo
TEAM Water Polo Suits
Girl’s Water Polo 

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