HINDsight: Willie Gault wears HIND Sport Tight on Cover of Sports Illustrated

May’s “HINDsight 2020” – a monthly share where we take a moment to reflect on our history to celebrate and be inspired.

40 years ago, in 1980, Willie Gault, a U.S Olympic Track and Field Team qualifier and now former American NFL wide receiver, wore our Hind Sport Tight – the first ever fitness tight – on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the product took off.

Learning about the accelerated pace, the innovative business solutions, and the determination that were behind meeting product demand, is pretty cool.

We are thankful that Ron Supat, former Hind Employee, shared his experience of this time with us.

“So when Greg came up with this idea of a sport tight for men, it was totally new and it was even frowned upon by people. People would say, “men don’t wear tights.” At that time there was actually no product like a Sport Tight for men or women.

Somehow Greg marketed it, introducing it as something acceptable for men to wear and it worked! He also made a women’s version, which of course women didn’t have a problem with. This new HIND Sport Tight exploded, and HIND was making as many tights as they possibly could make. I remember the first style had stirrups.”

read more at: ghsports.com/first-sport-tight

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