How to Fit A Pair of Tights

Most people, especially men, usually attempt to put on a pair of tights in the same way they would put on a pair of regular trousers; they simply step into them and forcibly pull them on in one fell swoop. As a result, a lot of the fabric remains anchored around the calves and ankles. The tights feel too short, they pull down at the waist, and “tenting” occurs in the crotch. When (incorrectly) tried on in this manner, the typical customer response is to ask for a larger pair of tights.


The solutions to the problem is to apply the “panty hose” principle. Women discovered a long time ago that a pair of panty hose must be rolled up in the way that you would a pair of socks before putting them on. Sportights should be treated the same way. Roll them up, pull them over the feet, and set them in place at the ankles. Then pull the tights up to the knees, smoothing out any excess fabric; do the same over the thighs, and finally pull them up to the waist. Tried on in this manner, the tights should be form-fitting without any excess fabric or “empty spots.’ If they do not, then go to a different size.

The stretch of the GH G2 Sport Tight (available for Men & Women) gives a firm, supportive fit while allowing total freedom of movement.

– originally published in our HIND Performance Newsletter, Volume 1 Number 1, October 1988

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