I can see clearly now – finding the right goggles

There’s not a whole lot of gear involved in swimming. It’s one of the only sports you could do with absolutely no equipment – except for your suit of course! With so little to keep track of, it can be a real benefit to put some thought into the small things. If you’re looking to make your time in the pool, ocean, or lake a little more enjoyable, picking out the perfect goggle can be a big help.

For something so seemingly simple, there is a sea of different options and styles, which can make getting the right goggle anything but clear. There are countless choices, so I’m hoping this breakdown will help you narrow down what’s best for you.


The first thing you have to know is where you plan to swim.  Are you in the pool, the ocean, a lake?  Knowing this will determine how much goggle you want to use.

POOL SWIMS: Generally, if you are doing any sort of pool swimming, you’re going to want less on your face to help minimize the drag when you push off the wall and glide across the pool.  If you’re finding yourself logging hours at the pool, these are the goggles we would recommend.

Low Profile Race Goggle:  This is the goggle you want if you are swimming competitively. Low profile race goggles sit inside the eye socket with a contoured, almost gasket-less fit.

They will be less likely to fall off when diving in and will keep drag to a minimum.  Some good examples of these goggles include:VIEW Sniper Goggles

Lightly Cushioned Goggles:  So maybe you’re not trying to break any records but just want a comfortable goggle with a low-profile.  Your best option here is a light or high cushioned goggle.  The light cushioned goggles still fit nicely in the eye sockets, minimizing drag in the water, but have enough cushion that promotes a comfortable fit and no “raccoon” eyes. Some examples include:Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles Dark lens, Black+Green

High Cushion Comfort Goggles:  These are built to disappear on your face.  Thick cushioning and large straps make these goggles perfect for a beginner swimmer or someone looking to do casual lap swimming.

OPEN WATER SWIMS: If you are doing open water swimming, it’s a good idea to have a pair of goggles that are a bit larger. Wearing a mask not only helps to break the waves as they splash over you, but significantly increases your ability to use your peripherals. Better visibility is always a good idea when you are out in open waters.  Here are some goggles that we recommend:

Open Water Masks:

If you are still unsure which goggle you need, you can use this flowchart below as a guide. You can also feel free to stop by or give us a call and one of our staff can help get you fitted in the right goggle.

Snipping Goggles Goggles Selector:  Find the best goggle for your swim style with this flow chart.  Start from the top and work your way down to find the specific goggle that will best suit your needs!

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