Loma Linda Academy Swim Team Wins League for 2nd Year in a Row!!


Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.58.02 AMFor their second year in a row (and only in their 3rd year competing), Loma Linda Academy Swim Team earned their title of Ambassador League Champions. How did they celebrate? By throwing Coach Daniel and Coach Constanzo in the pool – as posted on the Loma Linda Academy Official Facebook page (shown at right)!

And while some say winning isn’t everything, when you do win it is something; something of tremendous value. Winning brings joy, pride, laughter and reflection. Reflection of the swimmers’ growth from the start of the season, the coaches’ commitment to prepare and lead their swimmers, and family support at poolside and beyond. Any personal challenge, stress, or chaos we face as individuals are forgotten in these important moments of celebration!

Congratulations Loma Linda Academy Swim Team for your hard work and its payoff.

Our GH Team feels joy as we think about your recent success and are humbled to outfit your team competition swim suits – GH suits for boys swim (they preferred our thicker Water Polo Suit) and ARENA suits for girls swim!

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