GH Women's Aqua Thermal Tight

GH Women’s Aqua Thermal Tight

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American Made. Looking for something to keep you warmer during your water activities like aqua aerobics, aqua therapy, paddle boarding, and more? If you find the cold weather giving you excuses to avoid your aqua activities, then these are for you. Get the Aqua Thermal Tights on your body for increased warmth, comfort and an active lifestyle. The Dryflex Brushed fabric adds warmth to your workout with its thermal fleece-like feel. Thicker than our traditional Aqua Tight, this full-leg pant covers you from waist to ankle, keeping you noticeably warmer without restricting movement or absorbing excess water. UPF 50+ material keeps you protected from the sun and the long-lasting fabric makes them ideal for aqua aerobics, therapy, swimming, or any water sport where warmth and sun protection are desired.

  • Design: Made from a thick Dryflex Brushed fabric, this aqua tight greatly increases your warmth during aqua activities, such as aerobics, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, snorkeling, etc.
  • Fit:  The tights should fit comfortably snug; the less water between you and the garment results in more heat for your body.
  • Function:  Extra thick fabric increases warmth but it also has a 4-way stretch to remain comfortable and create minimal drag.
  • Fabric:  UPF 50+, 92% Polyester gives you the life you desired out of these pants with 8% Spandex for additional comfort.
  • Made in the U.S.A:  We design, test, manufacture, and sell all GH apparel from our California warehouse and retail store.

Pair these tights with the warmest shirt in our aqua line, GH Women’s Aqua Thermal or its lighter counterpart, the GH Women’s Aqua Shirt.


                Waist (in)            Inseam (in)
Small          24-26″                25″
Medium     26-29″                26″
Large         30-33″                27″
XL                32-35″              28″
XXL             34-39″               29″

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