Pro-Tec Short Sleeve Knee Support

Pro-Tec Short Sleeve Knee Support

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Premium Upgrade includes heat sealed EVA foam buttress shaped to support patella and premium grade neoprene for higher level of comfort and support

General Application Great for keeping the knee warm and providing moderate support.

Medical Application Pro-Tec Athletics’ Short Sleeve is worn to reduce symptoms of tendinitis, arthritis, chondromalacia, and other knee ailments.

How it Works Short Sleeve provides compression to the knee region surrounding the patella. The sleeve provides warmth and promotes circulation, enhancing the healing process. In addition, this brace has an infrapatellar buttress which helps support the patella and may improve patellar tracking.

Design Theory Short Sleeve is not quite as hot or cumbersome as most knee sleeves because it is modified below the knee to reduce sweat. The open patella is to keep unwarranted pressure off of the knee cap

Sizing Measurement
Small 13″-14″
Medium 14″-16″
Large 16″-18″
X-Large 18″-20″

Measurement based on circumference just above kneecap

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