“The Sporting Life” by January Harris, Cal Poly Today – Fall 1989

In 2020, we have a monthly “HINDsight 2020” focus where we take a moment each month to reflect on our history to celebrate and be inspired. As we reflected on our founder’s creation of the first-ever sport tight [see also: First Ever Sport Tight ], we enjoyed reading how Cal Poly author shared Greg Hind “setting the pace” in 1989.

The Sporting Life: Entrepreneurial alums are making fast tracks
by January Harris, Cal Poly Today – Fall 1989

“‘Hindsites’ are 20-20. . . Greg Hind likes San Luis Obispo, home of his sportswear manufacturing company, Hind Inc. The feeling is mutual: the Obispo Beautiful Association was so impressed with Hind’s attractive new, peaked-roof, steel industrial building, with elevator-sized windows looking out on immaculate landscaping, that it honored Hind Inc. with the Obispo Beautiful Award for 1989 – the same year the Chamber of Commerce gave Hind Inc. the Inventor of the Year Award in the ‘high-tech’ category for new athletic clothing.”

“Setting the pace. . . Alum Greg Hind invented the nylon-lycra body hose that revolutionized the athletic sportswear market in 1980. Today, Hind Inc. is a recognized leader in the industry and its innovative fashions are carried in sports stores throughout the United States and parts of Europe.”

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