A Customer’s Story – Rich Mondoux

Rich Mondoux – has run the equivalent of twice around the equator

Kitchener, Ontario Canada

In 1974, I was 70 lbs overweight and a heavy smoker.  I joined the YMCA and began a running program, which I continue to do today.   When I joined the YMCA it took four months to run my first non-stop mile; I have now run the equivalent of twice around the equator…and look forward to many more years of running (and cycling)!

In the early days, most running clothing was cotton based.  One of our local running retailers began carrying HIND products and we tried them out.  It quickly became clear that the clothing out-performed and out-lasted anything else we had access to.

Almost anyone can produce half decent warm weather sports gear.  Living in the Great White North, our challenge was to find lightweight technical products that we could use for winter outdoor running.  Hind products were exceptional performers, providing warmth without weight and excellent wicking characteristics.  Equally important, they last FOREVER.

I reconnected with GH Sports a couple of years ago, googling it to see if there were still Hind products out there to replace some of my well-worn items.  It was great news to discover that Greg Hind continued to develop apparel through GH Sports, and that quality products are once again available.

Look at my list of Hind items I still use, every one of them is 10 to 20 years old, has suffered repeated laundering, and (other than a few catches and some markings rubbing off) are still good to go.

  • Hind Polartec Fleece cold weather layer
  • Hind RainJammer winter jacket
  • Hind MicroLight vest (with all the reflective stuff worn off)
  • 2 long sleeve Hind Hydrator polyester shirts
  • Hind running shorts
  • 1 short sleeve Hind Hydrator polyester shirt
  • 2 Obispo Sport Tights (1 is still in the package ten years later because the original ones won’t wear out)

Congratulations on your successes Rich, and thank you for sharing your story!

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About GH Customer Stories: It’s important in life that we all take time to celebrate our successes. So when our customers share how our apparel has played a part in their adventures, their triumphs, their challenges, their stories, we sit back, smile, tip our hats, and enjoy the moment. Life is about enjoying moments and memories, and we’re thrilled to have somehow been a part of Rich’s health and fitness story.

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