A Favorite Hydration Device – find yours and put it to use!

Even though most parts of the Country are currently enduring treacherous and freezing weather, the marathon, triathlon, and swimming seasons are all heating up.It’s important to remember that that just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your body isn’t losing sufficient amounts of water. While training, hydration is one of the most important aspects that needs to be addressed. One way to make sure you stay optimally hydrated is to find your favorite hydration device and then…put it to use! Here is a quick summary on when handhelds, belts, or backpacks are good tools to pull out.

Handhelds: Handheld hydration devices are small, lightweight, and great for your shorter training runs or races with numerous aid stations. Try switching hands multiple times during runs to keep your body balanced and to give each arm a rest. Below are a few handheld hydration device options, and you can find many more here.


Belts: Belts are convenient because they are hands free and can provide storage for hydration bottles, a cell phone, your ID, and some fuel. Go with 2 bottles for shorter runs, and try 4 bottles for more distance. Multiple bottles give you the luxury of mixing and matching what is in each bottle (i.e. filtered water, electrolytes, etc.). Below are a few belt options, and you can find many more here.

Backpacks: Backpacks have of a ton of storage for both liquids and goodies and they are excellent for both distance and trail runs. What’s nice is that they keep your hands free and allow you to get in the back country with many of the supplies you might need. Try Bodyglide or Sport Shield around your shoulders and back if chaffing is a concern. Below are a few backpack options; you can find more details here.

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