Cal Poly Water Polo Sportin’ GH

cal-poly-team Cal Poly Women’s Water Polo Team strike a pose in their new GH Polo Suits!

GH Sports is excited to announce our new sponsorship with the Cal Poly Women’s Water Polo Team! Cal Poly Women’s Water Polo  has been Pacific Coast League Champs for the past 10 years and have been victorious with four National Championship titles from 2007-2010!  These ladies rock, and deserve the best.

Water polo is an aggressive sport.  The hours spent training in the pool along with the ferocity of collegiate women pulling on you every game can have a big toll on not just your mind and body, but also your water polo suit. That’s why we are proud to outfit these tough, high-performing athletes with our tough, high-performing water polo suits.


These ladies are competing for our hometown of San Luis Obispo, California! Cheer them on by following their updates via their Instagram and Facebook.

Go Mustangs!!

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