Meet the GH Team: Jake Scott


Major: Kinesiology

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

College: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo – GO MUSTANGS!!

Joined the GH Sports Team: June 2014


Why did you choose to major in Kinesiology?
I was first studying agricultural engineering at Cal Poly, but I didn’t like it at all so I decided to choose something I was more passionate about. I have always liked biology and science, combine that with my love for athletics and kinesiology was an obvious good fit.

In what sports have your participated?
I grew up doing cross-country, baseball, and swimming. After graduating high school in 2011, I got a bike and shortly after joined the Cal Poly tri team. I’ve been actively involved in triathlons ever since and I love it.

What do you love most about triathlons?
The running is my favorite; it’s something I’ve done my entire life.

What do you enjoy about working at GH?
I like that I can share my passion for sports and exercise and continue to learn more by being around people who know their stuff.  When I was first getting into triathlons I got a lot of guidance and support from others and I like the idea that I can now help others fulfill their triathlon goals.

What do you do for fun?
Of course I like to hike and be active. I have a lot of fun playing guitar. I’ve been getting into finger picking and messing around with making percussion sounds. I also bought a mandolin recently and am having fun teaching myself to play it.

What are you goals for the future?
I hope to one day open up a fitness consulting business. My friend coaches cross country for high school and I am hoping to master in nutrition; we talk about combining our talents to help people feel good about themselves.

You’ll find Jake on the GH retail floor, out at local events, or maybe you’ll run into him on a local hill top, taking a hike.

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